Inchcape 10 wreck diving in Fujairah

Underwater wrecks are mysterious and exciting because of their history and marine biodiversity. Inchcape 10 is one of the interesting wreck dive sites in the Middle East that you can explore. She was an offshore supply ship built in 1981 with a gross tonnage of 109 and was initially owned by a company in Bahrain…

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Discover the marine life in the Musandam Peninsula

Detached from the rest of Oman by the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, the Musandam Peninsula is an exciting place to explore by boat. Scuba diving is a wonderful way of discovering the underwater beauty of this “Norway of the Middle East” because of its impressive biodiversity of marine species. Due to its…


How to prevent ear injury when scuba diving

The ear is a vital organ that is responsible for your sense of hearing and balance. Have you ever dived headfirst down and suddenly developed a stabbing pain in your ears which forces you back to the surface? This kind of pain is associated with the increasing pressure on your eardrums as you dive which…


Journey towards becoming a Divemaster

Have you worked your way up from Beginners to Advanced Diving Courses but still find yourself wanting to take your love for diving a notch higher? Or do you have aspirations of becoming a commercial diver? If you dream of joining the ranks of diving professionals, you can begin by taking the Divemaster course –…

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Exploring Inchcape wrecks in Fujairah

Visiting a wreck site is incredibly fascinating to divers because it allows you to visit a piece of history and immerse in archaeology. A wreck offers an amazing scuba dive experience because it gives you a chance to float through the submerged wreck and observe its different compartments including the creatures that have taken residency.…


Qualities to look for in a great scuba instructor

Certified divers have the privilege of seeing the world from a whole different perspective. It’s a great opportunity and pleasure to explore deeper waters and see amazing marine life. For some, their passion for diving inspires them to teach and share their love of the sea. Divers who discover that they want to teach others…


Why is it important to create a dive plan?

Scuba diving requires proper preparation before taking a plunge. Creating a dive plan does not only establish personal safety guidelines but it can pave the way to a fun, comfortable and successful diving experience. Gather site facts The first thing to do in dive planning is to select a site. When you pick your location,…


Getting to know the marine life at Dibba Rock

Rising from the red tide Dibba Rock suffered tremendously when the red algal bloom plagued the UAE’s north-east coast in 2009. The bloom also referred to as a red tide killed tons of fish and other marine animals which transformed the area to an underwater cemetery of sorts. The coral reefs did not escape the…


How to prevent decompression sickness

Scuba diving is a fun and exciting recreational sport that lets you see beautiful coral reefs, amazing marine wildlife, incredible caves, and mysterious shipwrecks but you should not forget that this underwater sport requires proper training and certification to enjoy it to the fullest. Enrolling in diving courses progressively builds your knowledge and skills to…


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