Hear ye divers: What not to do during a dive

Every time you take a plunge and visit the underwater world, you are given a wonderful opportunity to explore the aquatic environment and encounter wildlife. But it’s unfortunate that some divers’ indiscriminate actions can potentially harm marine life and have an adverse effect on the environment. If you want to be an advocate for safer…

Scuba Diving in UAE

What’s the price of scuba diving courses in other countries?

Scuba diving is more than your ordinary sport or hobby because it involves dedication and passion for the underwater world. Being a diver gives you the privilege to explore nature’s amazing aquatic wonders in different parts of the world including colorful reefs, ancient cenotes, underwater caves, and so on. If you’re interested to become a…


What you need to know about hard and soft corals

If we have rainforests on land, we also have a stunning version of it underwater in the form of colorful coral reefs. But did you know that corals are in fact animals and not plants? Although many corals resemble plants, trees and flowers, they are actually small marine invertebrates that belong to a large group…

World-class divers you should follow on Twitter and Instagram

World-class divers you should follow on Twitter and Instagram

Ocean Ramsey “People think sharks are going to attack them but that’s so far from the truth – most of the time the sharks are more afraid of us.” – Ocean Ramsey Freediver, scuba instructor, and shark and marine conservationist, Ocean Ramsey has gotten the world’s attention with her courageous swimming adventures with none other…

Coral disease (source: World

Do your part and prevent a coral disease outbreak

The Mexican Caribbean is beginning to feel the invasion of the disease that causes tissue loss and death of stony corals which have affected other parts of the world, particularly Florida, USA. The Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease was first observed in the region of Miami in 2014 which quickly escalated to the Florida Reef…

Diver gets scooped by whale

Diver survives after getting sucked in by a whale

Scuba buzz alert A diver named Rainer Schimpf, 51 was taking underwater photos in South Africa when the unthinkable happened — he was scooped up by a Bryde’s whale in its mouth! It’s almost like a modern-day “Jonah and the whale” story that came to life and like the lead character, Schimpf miraculously survives to…

source: Nemo Diving Center FB page

Buddy check: What is BWRAF & why is it important

The buddy check is a fundamental part of diving because it can help prevent underwater accidents from happening which is a safety procedure usually introduced during the Open Water Diving Course. Sadly, some divers who gain more experience tend to neglect the importance of a customary buddy check because they think that they know the…

Opportunity for divers to join the #Trashtag Challenge

Opportunity for divers to join the #Trashtag Challenge

The latest trend to hit social media is the #Trashtag Challenge which encourages people to clean up their local surroundings. What’s the catch? There’s actually no catch because people are willingly choosing their own “dirty spots” in their community and cleaning the area in order to take before and after photos. Hundreds of pictures showing…

Source: Nemo Diving Center Facebook page

The underrated scuba diving skill – buoyancy control

Why is buoyancy control so important for divers? When you have proper buoyancy, you are able to control how you descend, ascend, and maneuver underwater without exerting too much effort. When you are poor in this department, it makes your dive difficult and exposes you to errors and risks. Developing good buoyancy skills is not…


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