Deliveroo Clean-up4

Clean-up dive by Deliveroo with Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF

Deliveroo’s long-term vision Deliveroo, a company that provides the delivery service, marketing, and order taking of various restaurants in association with Emirates Wildlife Society-World Wildlife Fund  is spearheading a long-term effort in helping reduce plastic waste across UAE. Their long-term vision involves collaborating with restaurant partners and educating consumers on how they can do their…


Fascinating marine life you can encounter when diving in Fujairah

Fujairah, an Emirate located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates is a fusion of tropical waters, desert sand and sunshine galore! There has been a steady increase in tourism over the years because of the region’s exotic underwater world with its sparkling waters, bright coral reefs, and fascinating marine life. Possible marine…

Saving the life of a sea turtle

Saving a sea turtle in distress at Dibba Rock, Fujairah

Last September 27, 2018, we came across a poor sea turtle, entangled in fishing lines while diving at Dibba Rock, Fujairah and we saw the anguish in its eyes as it glided near us. We knew right there and then that we had to come to its aid, so we immediately sprung into action! Fishing…


Discover the diving sites in Musandam

The Musandam Peninsula is located on the northern border of the Sultanate of Oman which extends into the Strait of Hormuz, a narrow channel into the Persian Gulf from the point of the Arabian Peninsula. Although politically part of Oman, the Musandam Peninsula is separated by the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. Tagged…

Fujairah Clean-Up Dive

Rewarding clean-up dive for Fujairah Sea

Did you know that every year, millions of sea turtles, dolphins, porpoises, whales, and many other marine mammals die from entanglement and ingestion of plastic and other harmful marine debris? Seabirds are also one of the top victims of marine pollution especially those that dive into the ocean to catch fish and other food. Once…


Full face mask 101: Pros and cons

A full face mask is a scuba goggles combined with an integrated regulator. As the name suggests, this equipment covers the entire face of the diver; protecting the eyes, nose and mouth from the water. The influx of full face masks on the market is encouraging a lot of diving enthusiasts to try something less…

Going in for a dive

Common diving mistakes and how to avoid them

When you’re new to diving, chances are you’re smitten by the beauty of the underwater world. Who wouldn’t? That’s surely what anyone who had the pleasure of descending below the surface would say. The vast ocean holds fascinating treasures from beautiful corals to a myriad of interesting marine creatures of different colors, shapes, and sizes…

Diving at night

10 Night diving tips to remember

If you think scuba diving at daytime is exciting, wait until you try night diving. Descending under the waves in the cover of darkness is a thrilling and mysterious experience because it transforms the way you normally see marine life in the presence of light. Night diving is incomparable to other forms of diving because…

Wreck diving requires skills and responsibility.

5 Things to remember when going on a wreck dive

Wreck diving is a challenging form of scuba diving but rewarding in so many ways. Descending into the deep to explore a wreck opens doors to many wonderful opportunities like discovering marine life, culture, history, and archaeology. Every wreck site is certainly a unique adventure unlike no other.   Keeping it nostalgic, fun and safe…


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