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Full face mask 101: Pros and cons

A full face mask is a scuba goggles combined with an integrated regulator. As the name suggests, this equipment covers the entire face of the diver; protecting the eyes, nose and mouth from the water. The influx of full face masks on the market is encouraging a lot of diving enthusiasts to try something less …

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Going in for a dive
Common diving mistakes and how to avoid them

When you’re new to diving, chances are you’re smitten by the beauty of the underwater world. Who wouldn’t? That’s surely what anyone who had the pleasure of descending below the surface would say. The vast ocean holds fascinating treasures from beautiful corals to a myriad of interesting marine creatures of different colors, shapes, and sizes …

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Diving at night
10 Night diving tips to remember

If you think scuba diving at daytime is exciting, wait until you try night diving. Descending under the waves in the cover of darkness is a thrilling and mysterious experience because it transforms the way you normally see marine life in the presence of light. Night diving is incomparable to other forms of diving because …

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Wreck diving requires skills and responsibility.
5 Things to remember when going on a wreck dive

Wreck diving is a challenging form of scuba diving but rewarding in so many ways. Descending into the deep to explore a wreck opens doors to many wonderful opportunities like discovering marine life, culture, history, and archaeology. Every wreck site is certainly a unique adventure unlike no other.   Keeping it nostalgic, fun and safe …

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thrill of scuba diving
Wonderful benefits of scuba diving

In the last 20 years, scuba diving has evolved into a popular recreational activity and has piqued the interest of many people. Scuba diving in the past was limited for the elite few but at present, this water sport can already be enjoyed by folks from different walks of life.  It has become a versatile …

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Fujairah’s remarkable diving sites
Fujairah’s remarkable diving sites

Fujairah, an emirate on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates, used to be a traditional fishing village that flourished into a modern and industrious city.  Tourists looking for a more laid-back atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai can escape to Fujairah for some dose of rest and relaxation. It is …

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Why you should teach kids to scuba dive

What used to be a water sport reserved for the brave and more adventurous folks has evolved into a fun and exciting water activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The evolution of scuba diving equipment, training, and people’s perception has made scuba diving available for young kids and teens. Introducing kids to …

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