Fujairah Night Dive Overview

There’s an undeniable thrill about descending below the surface of the sea at night. Even if you have explored a site repeatedly in the past, diving in the same location just when the light fades and your surroundings get covered in darkness is a whole new experience.

The Fujairah night diving trip begins at 4 Mwith a boat ride into the sunset where you’ll get to witness the sky change into vivid colors as the night sets in. Twilight is an ideal time to slowly descend in the waters so you could observe the amazing shift take place as daytime creatures bid good night and nocturnal animals wake up from their slumber to reclaim their rightful spot in the marine kingdom.

Ready to embark on a night diving adventure? Book with us now to secure your place on the trip. After finalizing your online booking, one of our instructors will get in touch with you to inform you of the diving location details.


You need at least an Advanced Open Water certification with last logged dive before 6 months for the trip. If you can comply with these requirements and you’re in good physical health, then you’re all set.

What to bring with you

You are required to present a valid original passport or Emirates ID. It would also be great if you bring a change of clothes and a towel.

Where are the diving spots?

The Fujairah artificial reef is known for its concrete reef balls with holes on the top and sides, with some weighing as much as two tons. These man-made reef spheres have been instrumental in helping the coral reefs grow and lure back different species of fish.

Dibba Rock is a protected marine reserve which is ideal for all advanced divers as the dive site has visibility ranging anywhere from 5 to 20 m and depths varying from 4 to 16 m depending on the tide. It’s a great site for night diving because it’s easy to navigate and has an interesting marine life.

What you can expect to see

The large man-made reef balls found in the artificial reef diving site is a playground of colorful reef fish including bannerfish, pufferfish, emperor angelfish, lionfish, broomtail wrasse, lionfish, and shoals of yellowtail. There is also possible sightings of stingrays, squid, cuttlefish, and barracuda.

At Dibba Rock, get a chance to see rays cruising in the waters and sharks actively hunting for food. You might also spot a cuttlefish and an octopus chasing prey but be a little more observant because they might be on camouflage mode. Watch out for lobsters too as they come out of their hiding places.

Another neat thing about diving at night is witnessing the underwater glow in the dark nature show. If you’re lucky, you might witness the phosphorescence appearance of bioluminescent plankton that magically glimmers like fireflies in the water.


Trip Duration: 4 hours
Starting Time: 4PM (daily)

Unlimited soft drinks & water
Live BBQ (beef & chicken)
Professional certified guide
Music system
Tanks & weights

------- Add-ons -------
Equipment rental = 50AED
Handheld torch = 25AED

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