Overnight Diving Trip in Dibba Al Fujairah



Trip Duration: 12 hours
Schedule: 4PM (Friday) to 3PM (Saturday)
Location: Nemo Diving Center at Mina Al Fajr Resort, Dibba Al Fujairah
Diving Gear Rental (optional extra): 100AED
Underwater Photos (optional extra): 50AED
Round Trip Transportation (optional extra): 100AED/person

Note: Pick-up and drop-off service is only for Dubai tourists staying in Dubai hotels

Trip Includes:
Unlimited soft drinks & water
Breakfast, barbecue lunch & dinner
Tanks & weights
Camping tents
Professional certified instructor
Excellent sound system

Dibba Al Fujairah Overnight Dive Trip Overview

Do you want more time to maximize your scuba diving time? If you think that one day is too short of a time to appreciate the beauty of the marine world, you can book an overnight trip in Dibba Al Fujairah on our custom-built boat. We will take you on a memorable trip to some of the best diving sites in the area and give you more than adequate time to explore the underwater domain and see different kinds of marine life. Here's the diving itinerary:

Day One
Our instructor will meet you at 4PM on Friday at our branch in Dibba Al Fujairah. We will then begin with a boat and trip program briefing as well as take care of some paperwork together. After that, we’ll head out to the east coast of UAE to set up our tents, tables, and chairs on the designated camping site with a spectacular mountain view. Expect warm hospitality as our team will make sure that you have a comfortable stay at the beach while we prepare for our barbecue dinner.

If you are a certified Advanced Open Water diver or higher, we will have a night dive at Inchcape 2 or Martini Rock before heading back to the island to join the rest of the group for the dinner.

For Basic Scuba or Open Water certified divers, you can enjoy your stay on the beach while listening to good music near the campfire and bonding with other divers as you wait for dinner to be served. After dinner, you can get ready for bed and we will see you again in the morning.

Day Two
We will jumpstart the day with a nourishing breakfast to boost your stamina for your two amazing dives. Our PADI-certified guides will hold a quick briefing about the dives then take you to the first dive session is either in Martini Rock or Inchcape 2 while the second session will take place in the Hole in the Wall or Shark Island. We will then have our barbecue lunch after the second dive session before we make our way home.


Dibba Al Fujairah overnight dive pre-requisites

You have to be at least a certified Basic Scuba Diver to join our overnight trip.

What to bring with you

  • Original passport or Emirates ID
  • Comfortable swimming attire and footwear
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Dive logbook

Dive spots and what you can expect to see

The scuba diving locations may depend on the weather conditions during the trip but you’ll have the opportunity to visit different sites such as Martini Rock, Inchcape 2, Hole in the Wall, or Shark Island.

At Martini Rock, you can encounter different kinds of fish such as the triggerfish, fusilier, snapper, lionfish, scorpionfish, pufferfish, broomtail wrasse, parrotfish, and burrfish. You might also come across with a cuttlefish or moray eel and smaller creatures like starfish, sea urchins, and nudibranchs. Martini Rock is also known for its colorful soft corals that may come in orange, deep purple, and bright yellow.

The marine creatures found in the Hole in the Wall are comparable to Martini Rock because they are located close to one another.

You are likely to see little boxfish and scorpionfish when you explore Inchcape 2. Pay close attention to the cracks of the shipwreck because there just might be moray eels peeping out. You may also spot crabs on the railings and ropes of the sunken vessel.

Shark Island, also known as Khorfakan, is a safe shelter for sharks, specifically black-tip reef sharks which are often spotted in shallow waters during cooler months. This dive site is also noted for anemones, clownfish, cow-tail rays, turtles, and a wide variety of colorful fish.

Things you should know

  • The boat can carry up to 12 participants (mix of snorkelers, Discover Scuba divers, and certified divers) plus two instructors. Since there is only one vessel, everyone will go to the same locations but only Advanced Open Water divers or higher will participate in the actual night dive.
  • Aside from diving, you may allow some time for snorkeling.
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