Certification Course

PADI Search & Recovery Diver



Course Duration: 4 days (4 sessions)
Session Duration: 3 hours

Schedule: 9AM, 12PM, 3PM (daily)
Location: Azure Residences, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

e-Learning Course (add-on): 370AED

Note: You must pass the e-Learning segment before the end of the course.

PADI Search & Recovery Diver training with Nemo Diving Center

Have you ever dropped something valuable off a boat and wished to retrieve the lost item? There are two things you can do: A. accept the fact that the item is gone forever or B. enroll in our PADI Search and Recovery Diver course and learn how to recover it. If you chose B, we'll teach you effective ways to search for objects as well as different methods to bring up small items and how to use a lift bag in recovering objects that are too heavy to carry on your own. The course lasts for four days & by the end of the lessons, you'll be more than ready to recover your lost valuable.

The scuba equipment needed for the dives are included in the course package but you have the option to bring your own gear if you want. Also included is the Search and Recovery Diver manual which will act as reference material for your training. You can get the manual on the day of the course but you can also pick it up at our diving center beforehand.


Search & Recovery Diver Specialty pre-requisites

Interested participants should:

  • be at least 12 years old
  • in good physical health
  • be at least a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver with a PADI Underwater Navigator certification

How to start e-Learning

You can also register for the e-Learning segment by clicking here.

In-water scuba lessons

We will meet you at the Nemo Diving Center on the agreed schedule to fill out some forms and try on your scuba equipment. Then you can proceed to the Azure Residences, the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE together with our PADI-certified instructors for your Search and Recovery training.

During four scuba sessions, you’ll practice:

  • Swimming search patterns with the aid of your compass and natural navigation
  • How to locate small and big objects using different search patterns
  • Proper use of a lift bag for large or heavy recovered objects and other recovery methods
  • How to plan a search operation using the information that you gathered about the lost item before the actual dive

What to bring with you

  • Comfortable swimming attire and footwear
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Towel

Things you should know

  • • Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.
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